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UDERM raised for discussion and approval for the next plenary session in February, the following motions (16/02/2010)


It is the duty of every municipal government gambling for its traditions, its continuous enhancement and improvement of conditions for them to be conducted under the best conditions, since they reflect our past, our traditions, and therefore of our present and future.

In the month of February in our town celebrates the pilgrimage of the Candelaria, which, thanks to the work of this Municipality, so as mainly to many neighbors of Alhama, and in particular of the Brotherhood of Candelaria has recovered to their former glory after years almost forgotten and has become inexcusable to many alhameņos quoted who decide to accompany the Virgin to his hermitage at the spot of Collao.

The feast of the Candelaria is in the memory of all the inhabitants of Alhama, holiday and meeting with friends, a day of songs and music, food, laughter and thousands of stories every year have been repeated on two February in our village.

It is our duty as Consistory supported strongly our pilgrimage, the only one we have, and improve conditions so that it becomes a landmark and meeting point for all alhameņos as well as those who wish to visit in this special day.

This pilgrimage takes place in the spot of Collao, space little by little, due to new construction, the closure of roads that now intersect, and maybe the misappropriation of certain areas, has occurred over sufficient time development of this activity, even dangerous in some parts due to the large audience that has as this year has decided to accompany her to her Ermita Virgen.

The City in the PGMO currently in force and set the classification of land, saving the church of the Candelaria, and establishing the North Ring Road, which once carried freight will be great input to said Ermita, is outside the area of public woodland, NUPE ranked as private property.

We sincerely believe that is held by the City Council the ability to negotiate these areas to improve the environment of this area is currently degraded, and thus enhance not only the pilgrimage, but the safety of attending this event, making this rather Ermita in meeting not only the second of February, but throughout the year, neighbors in our town, and accesses to adapt to it, without breaking the host environment to the current chapel.

We believe that this Council can offer all residents a place and the creation of a new leisure and recreational area for families in the northern part of town, devoid of such services, gambling and so decided by a tradition deeply rooted in our people and treasured by the affection of the whole population.

We are also convinced that it is not necessary to argue in depth the reasons for this request, since there is no alhameņa alhameņo not have any memory of this pilgrimage, and certainly would be a great boost to the work being done by both Brotherhood as, privately, others alhameņos, so that this pilgrimage will not go away and every year is again a meeting place for neighbors to accompany our Lady, for all that we raise the plenary of the Corporation the following proposal:

1 Âē .- To make arrangements to acquire land and municipal land adjacent to the Ermita de la Candelaria, now in private hands, whether through purchase, exchange, contract ... etc.

2 .- That there be a project to adapt the environment, taking into account the current projections marking the PGMO de Alhama de Murcia, creating an area for recreation and leisure, improving the accessibility and security now existing, as well as applications thereof, without the project alter the environment in which it is located.

3 .- The consideration of the itinerary of the pilgrimage in order to improve in order to promote tourism so our local party and the atrium of the chapel.

4 .- That in the preparation of the project and the actions to undertake, where appropriate, the participation of the Brotherhood of the Candelaria, the true architects of this pilgrimage has not disappeared, as no doubt his opinion is vital to make our pilgrimage to reach the glory and reputation of other neighbors in our town, and to dedicate a space in the overall project to the Brotherhood of Candelaria, in recognition of her outstanding work in defense of this tradition alhameņa.

5 .- Order of the political forces that shape the city council, their commitment and adherence to the initiative presented in this motion for review and approval.


During the previous term 2003-2007 Alhama City Hall was erected in the first council of all the region to put as much ground in relation to its population, available to the IVS of the Region of Murcia, under the Ministry Planning, Transport, Housing and Highways, offering an alternative to local youth in acquiring their first home, and decisively to intervene in the housing market by providing greater benefits to our youth through the provision of soil Institute for the construction of subsidized housing under a special scheme and funded by the CCAA.

The result of this experience was the execution of the two phases which formed the unit of field performance of a cross, which undoubtedly marked a resounding success that required further work in this line, since it only got more than fifty homes for our youth , who finally saw his dream of family empowerment, but the enhancement of a neighborhood, degraded by the poor condition of existing facilities there before.

In this framework, work continued to constitute the Youth Council from the point of housing information for young people, where not only were informed but also aids were processed and collected the bodies for these promotions, a first point of information is constituted and lay outside the major cities in our region.

In this context bid for the third phase, in order to continue to make housing available to local youth, given the scarcity of land and high housing prices as a result of the construction boom, and also as the previous two phases, with the idea of revitalizing a neighborhood, San Andres, and give value to an area degraded by the existence of old warehouses owned by our council.

In that year, the City made available to the Institute for Housing and Land in the Region of Murcia the site located in the C / Zurbarán, being tendered by the Institute and awarded the Commercial Real Estate Business Estapri SL, gaining nearly 90 City Council million pesetas for the sale of this lot.

Soon after, in February 2007, the current Town Planning, former mayor, laid the foundation stone and the then director Joaquín Bascuņana Hall congratulated the City for being a pioneer.

In the same year he was launching the Youth Housing Phase IV of Alhama, also promoted by the former government team, this time in the Unit Performance Nursery, culminating works whose houses have been delivered to owners in 2009.

In 2007 young twenty-three alhameņos placed their hopes in the purchase of a home in this promotion, youth who completed their stay in the City Council, where they were informed of the promotion, the grades advantages of this type of promotions they receive subsidies the CCAA, and local subsidies of this type of housing.

Excited, 23 young alhameņos and alhameņas, some of them with family responsibilities, gave much of their savings as input and part of the price of these homes, between 15,000 and 30,000 euros, signing contract for delivery of housing in 2008.

Our City Council, instead of supervising the proper execution of the works, we should not forget that it was the consistory itself which advertised that promotion of 23 houses, and made available to young people who trusted in Alhama Town Hall, has been giving large owners who have come to seek protection at the same answer from the City Council has nothing to do with it, sending it to the CCAA asking, until the City Council gave the land and does not charge nothing, absolutely false, because the council does not give away the land but sells them, until the works were finished, or that the crisis had delayed the obligations of the developer, getting the wrath of homeowners who see it as have deposited their savings, and has no home, and worse, it seems the developer, who has not completed the works, desperately seeking funding, and requires owners to sign a new contract with another company, without more information.

We believe that our City Council must act morally and ethically defend the 23 young people who trusted in public advocacy, not private, deposited their savings to buy their first home and now look like they're left alone, saying the current planning councilor ranging to have a meeting, which was not even as a party, can go where our City Council took the combined figure of stone, with no means to set the record straight and to demand the immediate fulfillment of contracts with all alhameņos, because it means you have to do so.

The latest news is that the developer is now seeking funding to a financial institution, and who know nothing more, and young people are forced to the legal complaint with the damage that the work stoppage would mean for them, to halt take place in case of suit, homeless and penniless, this is the sad role that we play in this matter.

We firmly believe that we can do more, so we weighed the House of our Corporation for discussion and approval, if the following proposal:

1 .- To our City Council explore the possibility of action in defense of the rights of the 23 young people from our town who have invested their savings in a property development proposal and advertised by our City Council, which must be completed in 2008 is paralyzed requiring owners to sign new contracts with no guarantee that confidence in his word.

2 .- To our City Council to convene all concerned in order to have a briefing with them, inform them of the situation, advise on their rights and proposing policy measures, as appropriate for each of the 23 affected.

3 .- That the City Council liaise with the Housing and Land Institute and together they immediately require the developer to fulfill its contractual obligations to the owners of these houses, because we know that this promoter has other promotions in different municipalities of the Region Murcia.

4 .- Order of the political forces that shape the city council, their commitment and adherence to the initiative presented in this motion for review and approval.

Source: UDERM

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