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Analysis IU-Green Budgets 2020 (15/03/2020)

The budget for the year 2020 presented to us for initial approval in this plenary session, in the income section amounts to € 21,862,247.83 and expenses to € 21,862,235.40.

According to the Intervention Report, it is a budget:

Presented after the deadline

Level between Income and Expense items.

That it meets the Objective of Budgetary Stability at 471,753.31 euros.

That it meets the Objective of the Expenditure Rule.

With a positive net saving, since current income exceeds current expenses by € 1,009,768.81.

Regarding the Debt Status, this Corporation does not have arranged and valid loans.

Regarding the Investments Annex, the financial controller indicates that "the execution of those investments financed with assigned income will be conditioned to the collection or firm commitment of the corresponding contribution.

Referring to the Personnel Annex, he points out that it will be necessary to comply with the provisions of the General State Budget Law and Decree Law 24/2018, which approves urgent measures regarding remuneration in the public sector.

Regarding the complement of specific and destination, there are no objective criteria.

As for the productivity supplement, intended to reward special performance, extraordinary activity and the interest and initiative with which the official performs his work, there are no objectives or criteria previously established by the Plenary.

On the other hand, the specific supplement planned exceeds the limits established in the remuneration regime for Local Administration officials.

Regarding the formal content, these budgets comply with the legally required documentation, except for the settlement of the 2019 financial year.

It also points out that the budget lacks part of the legally required documentation regarding a Strategic Grant Plan.

As for the assumption of improper powers, this City Council has favorable reports from the financial protection body that would be in force indefinitely as long as economic conditions and financial sustainability are not altered.

Finally, it indicates that the Budget, once approved by the Plenary, must be submitted to public exposure for 15 days from its publication in the BORM, to present claims.

On some of these questions our Group was interested in the Information Commission of last Tuesday, being answered by Mr. Comptroller and the Councilor for Finance.

In the Execution Bases, references to the electronic invoice are included.

Regarding minor contracts, the amount is raised from € 5,000 to € 7,000, including VAT, so that at least 3 offers must be collected.

Also on the rules of prior inspection, when the budgeted credit of coverage to expenses with affected financing or it is a matter of contracting multi-year commitments.

The memory of the Mayor's Office, as always, refers to compliance with current legislation and different aspects already indicated in the Intervention Report.

On the other hand, as in those of 2019, it indicates that given the current economic situation, budgets must be raised "from austerity and control of spending that allows us to be more efficient."

Regarding income, it is worth noting the references to the Real Estate Tax with what it calls the increase in the register as a consequence of the "update of the tax rate", both rustic and urban, also to the collection forecast for the years 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, which were suspended and which are expected to be resolved during this year.

Regarding the Vehicle Tax, it estimates a slight decrease, an increase in the Economic Activities Tax, as well as another slight decrease in Capital Gains since only transmissions with real increases in value will be collected.

Regarding the Construction, Installations and Works Tax, due to the increase in the tax rate, it is proposed to increase the income from business investments.

Increased income is anticipated from fees, default interest, fines and penalties.

Also by current transfers from other administrations.

As well as, an extraordinary income motivated by the fee of the concessionaire of the Municipal Water Service.

Finally highlights the grant for the reform of the Castle.

Regarding Expenses, it indicates the salary increase for municipal workers of 2% in 2020, certain adjustments in the compensation of a singular and exceptional type.

In addition to the ordinary and exceptional job offer, for promotion and as a consequence of the stabilization processes.

Expenses for various service contracts, transfers to entities and associations are also contemplated.

As well as the investments derived from the Participatory Budgets.

For the subsidy for the Second phase of the Castle, or various actions contemplated in its program.

The Mayor's Report concludes with references to the legal restrictions and the commitments made within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This plenary of budgets for 2020, has been preceded by 3 meetings of the Informative Commission on Finance, which took place on Tuesday, February 18 and Wednesday, February 26, although the documentation was not provided to us until Friday, 28, and finally the informative commission mandatory for the celebration of this plenary session that took place last Wednesday, March 5.

These budgets have also been presented at the Citizen Participation Board (Wednesday, March 5) and the Economic and Employment Council (Thursday, March 6)

Also, the record contains the minutes of 3 meetings of the Staff Board, between January 16 and February 24.

In which the offer of public employment was basically discussed.

The budget is accompanied by a staff annex, which is summarized in an increase in labor costs, fundamentally by a 2% salary increase and the new positions.

The annex of investments included in chapter 6 of investments of the Budget for 2020 charged to general resources amounts to € 1,954,756.38.

The Income of the 2020 budget comes from the collection of taxes from chapters I and II, the public rates and prices of chapter III, the contributions of other administrations (either for current expenditure or investment) of chapters IV and VII, in addition to the resources generated by the municipal properties of Chapter V.

The global figure for revenue forecast with respect to 2019 increases by 1,868,843.66 by 9.35%, from 20 million to 21.8 million.

Of which, in round numbers, 15.4 million come directly from our City Council, 4.7 million from the State and 1.5 from the Autonomous Community.

In this budget, it should be noted that a new item includes € 505,000 charged to the canon of the concessionary company of the Municipal Water Service and that 475,000 are again budgeted as a State subsidy for the restoration of the Castle, which in 2019 did not run the 470,000 budgeted since the subsidy did not arrive.

In chapter 1, Direct Taxes, Real Estate Tax, Vehicles, Economic Activities and Plus, Value Increase Tax Urban Nature, this chapter represents more than 49% of current income.

Compared to 2019, it increased by € 1.5 million, almost 17% more, practically in its entirety as a result of the brutal rise in the IBI that this government carried out with the approval of the Fiscal Ordinances.

Revenues for Plus Valas and Vehicles remain at the same figures, while IBI and IAE increased by 19.98% and 21.83%, respectively.

Regarding Chapter 2, referring to the Construction Tax, they represent 4.8% of current income.

With respect to 2019, a drop in collection of € 56,156 is budgeted, which in percentage terms translates into -5%, slowing down the drop that in the previous year stood at -25%.

Chapter 3, which contains public rates and prices, represents 15.44% of current income.

Once the water rate managed directly by the concessionaire company, both receipts from Alhameos and billing to the MCT, disappeared in the previous year;

Revenues decrease: public prices € 16,000 (-2.6%), private use rates 36,000 (-4.63%), surcharges € 9,473 (-5.79%).

The fines and penalties that increased in 2019 by 37.36% are maintained.

Meanwhile, default interest increased by € 16,755 (+20.93%) and special contributions € 5,079 (+33.87%).

Globally, the Tax chapter increases its income forecast by € 113,900, an increase of 12.71%.

In Chapter 4, on Current Transfers from the State and the Autonomous Community, which represent 28% of the current income budget, the contribution for participation in State taxes increases by € 348,325 (8.71%) and the contribution of the Autonomous Community at € 169,828 (12.10%).

On Chapter 5, Property Income, which accounts for just 2.58% of current income, real estate income increases by € 17,213, by administrative concessions by € 7,862 and other property income by € 437,467, for the aforementioned effect. of the canon of the concessionary company of the municipal water service, which once the concession period has ended, depending on the benefits obtained by it in the provision of the service, an income of € 507,467 is estimated.

Chapter 6, which refers to the sale of plots, remains at 0, after a plot in the Industrial Park was sold in the previous year for € 700,000.

Chapter 7, of Capital Transfers, destined for investment, for this exercise contemplates the entrance of an important game coming from the Central Government for an amount of € 475,000 whose destiny is the restoration of the Castle.

It should be noted that in 2019 € 470,000 was budgeted that did not reach the municipal coffers.

Of an income budget of € 21,862,247, almost 98% is current income, of which 14.9 million (68.2%) are contributed directly by Alhameos through municipal taxes, fees and public prices, through Chapters I, II and III of current income.

The remaining 22.8% corresponds mainly to the 4.34 million (20%) of transfers in the participation in State Taxes, and the Autonomous Community, despite the fact that their contribution has increased by € 169,828, with 1.57 million barely contributes 7.2%, mainly destined to provide services that are within its competence such as Basic Social Services and Day Centers.

The Expenses in this 2020 budget contemplate a total of € 21,862,235.

In it, personnel items account for 36.7% of the total and those for services 49.28% of the total, between them they add up to 86% of the budget.

With € 1,954,756 (8.94%) for Real Investments.

For subsidies to associations, sports clubs and other local entities, € 787,561 is budgeted, which means 4% more.

Chapter 1 of Personnel Expenses represent 8 million euros, 505,270 more than in 2019. Marked by a salary increase of 2% and the new positions, which exceed 400,000

Chapter 2 of Expenses in Current Goods and Services, as we have already commented in the previous year, the water rate that now manages directly the concessionaire company disappeared, which was reflected in this chapter of expenses.

The expenses of this chapter increased by € 640,000, 6% compared to 2019, highlighting the increase of € 583,000 in Materials, Supplies and Others, as well as the 40,800 in service leases, which translate, respectively, into 6% and 21% more.

In Chapter 3, the financial expenses with the amortization of loans operated in previous years, as in 2019, € 5,000 is considered for Other Expenses.

Current Transfers in Chapter 4, represent 4.77% of the spending budget.

With an increase of 2% compared to 2019, it includes € 55,000, more for the contest of the Parque de la Cubana project.

Chapter 6 Real Investments, mean 8.9% of the total 2020 budget, with € 1.9 million, € 662,737 increase over the previous year.

It contains € 358.00 more in new and € 300,000 in infrastructure replacement.

They stand out for their amount of € 400,000 that will go to the new fairgrounds in Nueva Espua and 640,000 to the reform of the Castle, the latter linked to a grant from the Ministry of Development of 475,000.

Capital Transfers, contained in Chapter VII of this Budget contains € 25,000 for the Agreement with the addiction treatment association, for the remodeling of its Fleet center, 0.11% of the total.

Chapter IX, on Financial Liabilities, remains at 0 with the aforementioned cancellation of loans operated in previous years.

THE 2020 Budget, move to a graph are distributed.

In the distribution of income:

48.31% Direct Taxes (IBI, Vehicles and Capital Gains)

4.77% Indirect Taxes (ICIO)

15.11% Public Rates and Prices.

That, as we have already pointed out together these three chapters translates into 68% of the budget.

While 27.11% corresponds to transfers from other administrations for current expenditure that are destined to delegated powers, mainly in Social Services, and the rest are 2.17% Transfers for investments, and 2.53 for capital income.

In the distribution of Expense:

36.73% corresponds to Personal

49.28% to Goods and Services.

This means a total of 86% of the budget allocated to Operating Expenses (18.8 million of the 21.8 total), 4.91% in transfers to collectives, associations and sports clubs and 8.94% for Investments .

This is a budget marked by the € 1.5 million increase in what is collected from alhameos by the Urban Real Estate Tax, derived from the brutal rise in this tax approved by the Municipal Government with the Fiscal Ordinances, on a fundamental constitutional right such as the right to housing.

With another € 128,429 increase in the collection of fees and € 523,331 from current transfers for participation in taxes from the State and the Autonomous Community for the provision of services under its jurisdiction that our City Council assumes.

It should be noted in this exercise, the aforementioned € 507,467 of capital income from the fee of the Municipal Water Service.

As well as the € 475,000 of the grant from the Ministry of Development charged to 1% Cultural.

Regarding spending, personnel costs increased by € 505,270, the provision of services by € 640,014, transfers to associations and entities by € 24,695 and investments by € 662,737, of which 400,000 will go to Nueva Espua for the location of the fairground and 167,000 to the commitments made through the Participatory Budgets in programs and actions.

In short, a Budget that increases by € 1.8 million, compared to the previous one.

With more spending on personnel, goods and services and investments.

Which "squared with hammer blows" with the increase in Tax collection by 1.5 million, in the Tax Ordinances, disregarding the recommendations and allegations of IU-Verdes.

Source: IU-verdes Alhama de Murcia

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